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Landscape Ecological Impact of Climatic Change on the Mediterranean Region (incl. N. Africa) with Emphasis on SpainEuropean Conference on Landscape Ecological Impact of Climatic Change, Luteren, Hollande, 3-7 décembre 1989

CAMP "The Coastal Region of Syria"
Progress Report on the Coastal Resources Management Plan following the Second Phase of Work, Damascus, 26 April-18 May 1991
Author(s) : TRUTA, S.
Author(s) : UNEP. MAP. PAP-RAC
Split (HRV): PAP.RAC,1991

Implications of Climatic Changes for the Nile Delta
Author(s) : SESTINI, G.
Florence (ITA): ,[1991]

Climate Change: Science, Impacts and PolicySecond World Climate Conference, Geneva, October-November 1990
Author(s) : JÄGER, J., FERGUSON, H.L.
Cambridge (GBR): Cambridge University Press,1991

Implications of expected climatic changes on the Island of RhodesMeeting on implications of Climatic Changes on Mediterranean Coastal Areas, Valletta, Malta, 15-19 September 1992
Author(s) : UNEP. MAP
Athens: UNEP,1992
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