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Cityport industrialization and regional development : spatial analysis and planning strategies
Auteur(s) : HOYLE, B.S. (ed.), PINDER, D.A. (ed.)
Oxford (GBR): Pergamon,1981

Manual of coastal development planning and management for Thailand
Auteur(s) : BAKER, Ilyas (ed.), KAEONIAM, Pramuk (ed.)
Auteur(s) collectif(s) : TISTR (Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research);UNESCO. MAB Programme;UNESCO. COMAR Programme
Bangkok: ,1986

The State of the Rural Environment in Developing Countries. Problems, Solutions and Research PrioritiesA third Symposium for Environmental Sciences in Developing Countries. Environmental Considerations in Rural Development, Le Caire, 16-21 avril 1983
Auteur(s) : GHABBOUR, Samir I. (ed.), AYYAD, Mohamed A. (ed.)
Auteur(s) collectif(s) : Egypt. Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. SCOPE National Committee
Le Caire: Academy of Scientific Research and Technology,1990

Legal and Institutional Aspects of Integrated Coastal Area Management in National Legislation
Auteur(s) : BOELAERT-SUOMINEN, Sonja, CULLINAN, Cormac
Auteur(s) collectif(s) : FAO. Development Law Service. Legal Office
Rome: FAO,1994

Entreprise et Environnement : "Recherche développement durable désespérément"
Auteur(s) collectif(s) : FNEP (Fondation Nationale Entreprise & Performance)
Paris: FNEP,1994
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